Thursday, August 9, 2007

Say hello to chapuchi

Chapuchi; basket weaver,landscaper,pastor, car repair man, farmer, story teller, Chapuchi awsome voice maker. This is a story he told me today.

There was a time i was working in a store and a black man come in to purchase beer. He Tried to use a crtedit card with a hispanic mans name on it.

The man at the register asked him to show his identification card and when he presented it there was a hispanic man on it.

The clerk said, "this is not you."
The man said "no! it is me i just drank alot of beer and my skin turned black."

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

moth manor, the second entry to the design contest

The second entry for the coveted corner display booth at the leesberg flower and garden show.
Statement of Intent: This garden is inspired by giant silk moths. Thier elegance and soft textures are the point of origin for the design. The garden is not just inspired by moths it also functions as a hub for them. All of the plants either attract pollinating day moths or feed giant silk's larva, prompting them to cocoon in the garden. In the center of the garden are chairs and flashlights to see at night, however every vantage point was designed with a mobile viewer in mind. Also included is a display case housing specimins of all the plants that feed larval giant silk moths. The final result is a garden with subtle tranquility and scholarly specificity.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

refridgerator 1

After being gone for a week it becomes more apparent just how many other things live in a basement apartment and then there is my house fly who stayed right where i left him......good boy!

Jabari came to visit

Jabari is visiting from new york; he called ahead so we could have matching attire when we go dig ditches in west virginia.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

hello goodbye

the bike evolves yet again from it's original state

Thursday, August 2, 2007

rolling hills of sea plant material stretched for miles

The sea coughed up a mass of lung textured plant material that coalesced in the surf; it seemed as though an epic journey had been completed by the mass of sea plants rolling in the surf, waiting for the hot sun to dry them out and for the sea to reclaim them.

bobby fisher memorial building installation show

in case you missed the show. The Yay team! is demonstrating how in a relationship there are pieces of each person for everyone they know, and even for some they don't, that are intimate and often revealing of each person's personality; everyone can have a little piece of a person, but a partner may be the only one who can have it all.

death of a mermaid

while the family was focused on perfectly framed portaits i watched a child's mermaid wash back into the sea