Tuesday, September 18, 2007

freeway park in seattle

Freeway park, it is one of the harder spots to find in seattle and when you get there the restroom is closed, all of the plants in the large concrete planters have become root bound and leggy, there is a lingering reputation for crime and drug use and almost all the fountains are turned off due to leaks and financial woes of the park. Despite the reveiws of local critics and the lack of attention given to the place the innovation of the design shines through, putting freeway park at the top of my favorite designed spaces list. The ridged form of the concrete mimics rock out crops and many of the plants look as though they know they have spent their lives clinging to a bit of dirt, curling their roots and filling any crevice they can just to hold on. Fitting I guess. The waterfalls helped complete this illusion as well as the patches of grass below the falls that have a strangly distant perspective.

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